Government of Nantou visited BetterIH in AWE 2024




On Mar 14, Government team of Nantou Town visited Booth of BetterIH in AWE 2024, where showed new product information, design concepts and global cooperating pictures. The Nantou Government team delivered support for BetterIH, giving positive visions for further development about Nantou’s appliance industry.


Nantou Town in Zhongshan, Guangdong, known as a famous appliance ODM/OEM base in China, has been focusing on lifting Efficiency, Quality and Flexibility of R&D and Manufacturing for many years. With ongoing encouragement from Nantou Government, BetterIH, as one of the leading corporates in IH ODM, will spare no efforts in improving product experience and operation management as always, to get higher records to share with local community and global market in the future.

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